shuffle-nicity: Van & Ray

I have an hour-long commute each way to work and rely entirely on my ipod for the soundtrack to my ride. When I’m not listening to podcasts I’m listening to my ‘top tunes’ playlist in shuffle mode, only playing songs that have not been played after 10/17/2005 (when i started my job and the long commute). That way I avoid the repeats that often happen in straight shuffling.

Occasionally, I’m pleasantly surprised by how one track may relate to the next.

Recently, Van Morrison’s “Dreams of You” played. In it he sings:
And Ray Charles was shot down
But he got up to do his best
A crowd of people gathered round
To the question answered yes
And you slapped me on the face
I turned around the other cheek
You couldn’t really stand the pace
And I would never be so meek

The next song that came on was Ray Charles’ “Busted”.

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