Friday night and we’re talking ’bout dogs?

We were over at Susan Bankert’s Barking Tree Pottery open house in Pomeroy tonight. It featured a walk through of her at-home studio and gallery to see all her new functional ceramic work, buy a few things, have some excellent soup and chili her husband, Scott, made and drink some locally brewed Victory Hop Wallop on tap. Susan crafts some beautiful pieces and we’ve used them for wedding gifts, christmas gifts and ourselves.

After things settled down for the evening we found ourselves in the living room with a group of friends and talking about dog training issues. We’re new to it and most of them are pro’s. After a while, I found myself saying out loud, “It’s Friday night, we’re drinking beers and talking about how to get a puppy to sleep through the night!?!” C’mon!

I fully admit I love our new dog and enjoy my time with her but there’s a limit to how much of my time I want to dedicate to the creature. I am a selfish bastard, true. Yeeesh.

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