Goal Game

At the current job we sometimes play “Goal Game” or G-squared in the basement gymnasium, deep in the bowels of the hospital, at lunch time. Goal Game usually starts out with a half-court soccerish scrimmage where I stand in front of a 4 foot wide by 2.5 foot high child’s hockey goal and take whatever punishment three or four players can punt out of a soccer ball from six feet out, working out the aggressions of the day.

Since giving my notice, the pummeling I have received has been a daily event and these ‘old bones’ are feeling the worse for wear.

Goal Game is then supposed to turn into a sort of target range where we each take turns trying to score points by hitting objects on the opposite end of the court by kicking the ball from our own foul line. Points are awarded for hitting: the opposite backboard (3); making a goal in the child’s hockey net (1); hitting a round vent cover behind the hockey net (2); making a basket in the opposite basketball hoop (5); and hitting the clock high on the opposite gym wall (instant game winner).

First person to 5 points wins only by 2. Lately, we’ve found that the scrimmage is more interesting than the traditional game. My pain grows with each day.

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