"Gallon Man" by Special Guest Artist in Residency

From my daughter, filling in for her slacking old man. We were discussing how many cups in a gallon and she broke into a song about it and then described The Gallon Man and drew up a diagram. Apparently the G-man is a popular figure in elementary learning. No liquid measurement left behind.

UPDATE Oct 2008:
I get a lot of hits from people searching for “gallon man” through Google and other search engines. And today received an email from a teacher in Texas asking for the words to the “Gallon Man” song. In the interest of advanced education here’s a link for Gallon Man (aka Mr. Gallon):

If you go to Laura Candler’s website she has a ton of teacher resources. Among them are a bunch of Gallon Man resources. Go to this page and scroll down to Time & Measurement for some “Mr. Gallon” information.

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