Request-a-doodle: Bikathon

It’s been a long long time since I fulfilled a Request-a-doodle but Rick N. submitted a request last night on an old post that I found amusing and thought it would make a good animation. Not having the time to do an animation but the inclination to do something, I gave this new Sketchcast a try. I tried to talk through the drawing and record that as well but I forgot to toggle the voice on and if you do it later it erases your drawing (future enhancement idea, Sketchcast: edit your sketchcast and add voice-over after the fact.)

Here’s Rick’s request: I noticed you havent done one of these in awhile but perhaps this will inspire you:

5th grade, I enter the bike-a-thon. As I cross over a pair of train tracks I fall off my bike, not because I veered out of control of anything, but simply because I was going too slow and the bike just kind of stopped and I just fell over.

A 7th grade girl (more athletic than me) looked on with a disappointed look, as if I should just go home already. Imagine my view of that look, me laying sideways, still on my bike.

This is pretty rough and slow-going because my old mac is slow as molasses and the drawing tablet is not responding in sync with the web app. But here goes it anyway, for the sake of adventure and trying new tools.

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