Program Note: mcglinch drawings included in Victory Brewing Company Collaborative Showcase

The fine folks at Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown have asked me (after I got up the nerve and suggested it) to show some of my works in their local artists showcase on Sunday July 20 from 2-4PM.

The five pieces I’m showing have appeared here on the in the past year or so (including the original of this 1987 classic from my days at Philadelphia Electric Company where I changed the light bulbs on the top of the building to make words before they bought a computer to do the job) — that is, provided my wife gets them matted & framed for me tonight!

But if you’re in the area and in need of some air conditioning, tasty afternoon beers and a dose of culture — real live musicians and singers will be performing and some other artists displaying their work — swing by.

Details here.

And when that’s over you can head down to the Turk’s Head Music Festival in West Chester to round out your day. Take a Victory growler of fresh brew with you (I’m not saying you’re allowed to do that, it’s just what I would want to do.)

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