Do You Know This Fighting Style?


The other night the Mrs. whipped out this style of fighting when she was challenging the boy or the girl to a throw-down.

It got me thinking about the origins of this  fighting stance — where you place one hand (the left) over your face to protect it and insert the other (the right), more dominant arm, through the crook of your left elbow. You then proceed to swing the right arm wildly as you rush into the fray fully protected.

The only person I have ever seen use this — and the one who first taught me in the hallowed halls of Henderson High School — was my friend who now parades himself around as Dr. Zibbs. When I asked him he said he learned it from a neighborhood friend back then but knew nothing beyond that.

I’ve tried googling things like “fighting with one hand on your face” and “fight protect face and swing with arm”.  Nothing yielded anything worthwhile.

Anyone with a name and/or historical references for this style of fighting, please leave a comment or send me a link.

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