Tattoo You

Sometimes I get requests to use my drawings and doodles on other people’s blogs or in their newsletters and usually I say, “Sure, thanks for asking.” Occasionally, I’ll say to ‘no’ when it’s a for-profit site or journal unless they want to pay. And most times people don’t even ask.

Recently, I received a request for permission to use one of my drawings as a tattoo. I’ve had requests before asking me if I’d draw something specifically for a tattoo and failed to execute for one reason or another. This recent request was from a woman who wanted to use this dragon but wanted me to add some stuff to it. Unfortunately I was (and have been) socked in on food data work and told her to go ahead and use it and get someone to modify it if she wanted.

Last night she sent me a photo of the freshly-inked work. Looks a little sore but looks cool.

I know with the death of Mary Travers today, I should post “Puff The Magic Dragon” to go with this but, really, I can’t stand that song. So here’s a favorite Spoon song:

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