Daughter Saves Father

Two years ago I was stuck in a rut of working on stuff and not getting much in the way of drawings and doodles done. My son brought home a pencil rooster (or rooster of pencils?) that knocked my socks off and he let me post it here on the blog. By the way, I think it makes an awesome rooster t-shirt as well.

Now it’s my daughter’s turn to rescue me with the same assignment from art class. She put together this elephant of pencils that you really have to click through to see the details because it’s a nice big piece. I love the fluidity of the pencils and especially the way she worked the erasers into the feet and top of the head, and of course, the end of the trunk.

I think it would make a cool album cover.

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2 Responses to Daughter Saves Father

  1. Jess says:

    BRILLIANT!!! Talented kiddies you have there.

  2. mcglinch says:

    thanks, Jess!

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