Frustration in Electron Space

Czarne chmury from Rrrodrigo (creative commons)

Too many electron transmission failures in the house these days driving me crazy with the wifi, airtunes, roku, alarm system and basic cable all misbehaving. I’m blaming sunspots or the kids. Maybe if we got a microwave again it would get things back to “normal”.

By the way, I’ve moved this blog for now to from for now. If you subscribed via my feedburner url, you shouldn’t have to change a thing. Same thing with you email subscribers.

Didn’t make the leap to WordPress yet – just reconfigured the Blogger thing finally after a month of putting it off.

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2 Responses to Frustration in Electron Space

  1. Stephanie says:

    Welcome back. Good to see more of you sketches!

  2. mcglinch says:

    Thanks, Stephanie.

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