Robot Diorama

My daughter made this for me several (or more) years ago. I’ve always loved dioramas ever since my father and I made my first one in a wine box in elementary school. It was a an oil field in a Texas landscape. I built the required oil rigs out of — yeah, that’s right — popsicle sticks. There was a Matchbox Jeep and sand glued to the ground.

Later, in junior high, I built one depicting a scene from my then favorite book, Logan’s Run. It was the flameout scene where people get lasered for entertainment when they turn 30.

I’ve had the daughter’s robot hanging on my bulletin board above my desk since I don’t have a place for it to be displayed properly anywhere else due to my horrible office clutter.

In the next couple of days I’ll post one of her latest creations she brought home from art class the other day. But in the meantime, I share my friendly robot buddy with you.

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4 Responses to Robot Diorama

  1. Kristen says:

    Excellent – love the robot's expression. Wish you still had the other two. Bet you do too.

  2. mcglinch says:

    Their greatness is probably best preserved in my mind. If they were here they'd be crumpled shells of their former selves.

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