Punch Drunk on Black Mold

One of my favorite parts of this year has been the near-monthly delivery of a tune from Jonathan Visger, the man behind Absofacto. Absofacto is his solo effort in and around when he isn’t working full on with his regular band, Mason Proper.

Visger lets you download each tune he puts out and leaves it up to you as to what you’ll pay (or if you pay anything at all). I don’t know how it’s working out for him but he keeps producing tunes like he’s having a good time. He tells the story behind the production of each song and confesses to how much or how little he works on a them.

What I enjoy about his songs are that they vary in style from month to month and usually include great harmonizing backing vocals by he, himself, and him. I just can’t seem to stop playing them. I often go back and listen on repeat to pick up the nuances of his multi-multi-multi track layering.

This month’s song released today is “Punch Drunk On Black Mold” which had me hooked from the opening insectile buzz and the opening verse:

I am sitting in the back with a jar of fire ants
picking my teeth with a razor blade
I know you’ll be back any day

You can listen to the entire song and download it here. The imagery in it got me drawing this evening and came up with this.

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  1. OH WOW! Gritty! I like where you are going with this concept.

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