Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bert's a Hobo

Bert toasts his hobo brothers with a fresh cup of canned heat.

Inspired by my friend, Dr. Sexton, who sent me a link today to wikiHow's How to Become a Hobo.

I'm getting the sense from some people that there's a sub-conscious yearning for Depression-era conditions in all this world-wide economic downward spiral. Perhaps there's a feeling that we could use some of the lessons our grandparents and great grandparents learned by forced Depression-era scrimping and saving -- that we've taken (and taught our children to take) for granted -- and as our 'birthright' -- a life of endless new stuff, comforts, and joys on credit.

Knowing Dr. Sexton, he's just looking for some new hard-times-inspired music to start spilling forth.

Background photo credit: Freight cars of narrow gauge railway, Telluride, Colorado 1940. Russell Lee

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