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Ghostie Ghoul (Archives: Dec 1995)

Found this in one of the notebooks I have lying around. It was blank dummy book that printers would give us when I worked for a publisher. I liked to use them for sketch books on the train way back … Continue reading

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Witness the neighborhood teen in his Halloween costume. A year ago, when he was 12, he had a proper costume on — SpiderMan or similar. This year, a year older, a year cooler, out with his 13-year-old buddy, he was … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin Head, originally uploaded by mcglinch. Drew this at the last job but don’t think I ever posted it and since it’s costume month there you go.

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Halloween Costume Safety

Make sure your costume is worn correctly: you may not be satisfied with the results of your trick-or-treating.

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Trick or Treat?

The weather has finally turned October here in the Northeast. That’s the best time to draw up costumes for Halloween. Is this wee fellow horrified or elated by what’s in his sack?

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