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Chip n’ Dog

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Dog Actin’ Cat

Sometimes I think the dog thinks if she poses like the cat, the cat will get blamed for the pile on the floor.

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Dog Does What A Dog Does

Background photo is More Grass (Chris Court) / CC BY-SA 2.0 I drew this dog as part of this poster for September’s West Chester Story Slam. Figured I’d, you know, multi-purpose-multi-task.

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Dog Sheep Watcher

Click to see slightly bigger real-life version. Drew the drawing part last night before bed waiting for a server reboot. Add the morning newspaper textures and colors throughout the day today on breaks from heavy data lifting. Oh, and for my … Continue reading

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Dog Licker

  The product of conference calls and taking breaks while writing docs over the last two days.

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Wheelie Pops & Pooch

An elderly gent in his push-chair (as I’ve heard it called across the pond) along with his pooch out enjoying the fall foliage. Found this sketch while going through some notes at work from 2007, scanned it in and monkeyed … Continue reading

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Dog Watches Fly

dog watching fly. have started working on drawings while my laptop starts up in the mornings. some days it’s easily 10 or 15 minutes to boot up and load firefox, outlook, etc. the pooch and the kitten took turns tracking … Continue reading

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Cow Dog Grazing

Just like it says, cow dog grazing.

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Tree Hugging Pooch

Dog and trees in support of Earth Day and the National Forest Foundation. Be a tree hugger for free by signing in to StumbleUpon (or creating an account) and giving at Thumb Up to this page here. By doing so, … Continue reading

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Taking the Eyes Off

  After a long week of working at the screen day and night, I just want to take the eyes off.

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