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Request-a-doodle: Hydrant v. Dog

click for larger view Anonymous said…Dogs are always going on fire hydrants, maybe it’s time the hydrants fight back! Could you draw the complete opposite of the dogs on fire hydrant thing? Thank you. (Posted after the Friday deadline, but … Continue reading

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Request-a-doodle: Moat Monster

click image for larger view Anonymous said…Please draw two pictures of the Moat Monster, who lived in the creek that flowed through our neighborhood. One picture should be a professional portrait/head shot, the other full body. Anyway, all the kids … Continue reading

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Request-a-doodle: a pencil in the hand…

click doodle for larger version BP McG said…I was sitting in math class in 7th grade when I accidentally dropped my right hand on top of a recently-sharpened pencil I held in my left. “Ouch,” I said, raising my right … Continue reading

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Bathroom Humor Spock

Found a blog this afternoon called Bad Spock Drawings where they collect bad drawings of Spock. That quickly drove me to doodle this on a sticky note and send it off to the blog owner. Take a look at all … Continue reading

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Request-a-doodle: Joe’s leg

click for the big picture Robin said…Think inner workings of a guy’s leg. Show little creatures healing a very bad, open wound while the owner of leg watches. Kind of fever dreamish. Dedicated to Joe. This is the first true … Continue reading

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Request-a-doodle: Leech on my leg

click image for larger view Anonymous said…Rafting on the Brandywine, finding a leech attached to my leg. Leech stories always bring me back to the days when we hosted the 4th of Jamly picnics on the Schuylkill River back in … Continue reading

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Request-a-doodle: Dog Meets Bike

BP McG said…Earlier this week, I was riding my bike when a little yapper dog charged off its lawn at me. Amazingly, my front tire ran squarely over the middle of the dog and both of us kept on going. … Continue reading

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Request-a-doodle: Dead Squirrel Ascending

Anonymous said…I ran over a squirrel this morning. I couldn’t help it. Please draw a picture of a squirrel as an angel or better yet, as a saint-like religious icon. Where there’s a dead squirrel there’s always a crow willing … Continue reading

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Request-a-doodle: Squishy Toad

Anonymous said…A drawing that captures this: It was the year of the toads. Hundreds of them filled our backyard overnight. I stepped on one by mistake. Toads aren’t as strong as you might think. They flatten quite easily.

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Way too many balls in the air these days. But that seems to be the way I likes it best.

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