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The C Was Catapulted by The Boy

I received my walking papers yesterday by the job. Economic downturn, cuts, etc. Wasn’t a complete surprise: pull out your exit strategy when the boss casually asks you whether and where the project you’re working on is backed up. So … Continue reading

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Halo: attaboy

The boy created this cover in Photoshop for the book Halo: The Fall of Reach that he read for a book report in school. At the best job I ever had (according to the kids…and me) we had a PS2 … Continue reading

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Meet My Monkey

Meet my coffee monkey. Until I returned to work from a 9 month hiatus 2 years ago (oh, sweet hiatus, I miss you so), I kept coffee to after-dinner/lunch time to go with special treats (cake, cookies, pie, ice cream, … Continue reading

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Interview Twister

I haven’t been on an interview in a year or so but years ago I swore off getting myself into interview twister — getting all dressed up and then squirming into the right fit for a job I’d probably end … Continue reading

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