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Sticky Note Butt Monster

I think I put the face on the wrong end of this space monster. Did this quickly at lunch today for the dude over at Sticky Note Theater.

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Holiday Monster Candy Child

Gearing up for holiday over-sugared monster children.

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No Control

We were able to make it out to a cookie and beer exchange party this weekend. My cookie intake far outpaced my beer intake. However, I was happy to be introduced to a new area brew (new to me — … Continue reading

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Leggy Monster Happy Toes Tshirt

At the request of an avid reader (my sister-in-law), I’ve created a tshirt available for purchase of the Monster with the happy toes. Just follow the link if you’re interested in ordering (you can change shirt styles, colors, sizes to … Continue reading

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Leggy Monster

just happy to have toes.

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