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Stitched smiley conference call guy

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Conference Call Baby Bird

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Dog Does What A Dog Does

Background photo is More Grass (Chris Court) / CC BY-SA 2.0 I drew this dog as part of this poster for September’s West Chester Story Slam. Figured I’d, you know, multi-purpose-multi-task.

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There’s got to be a morning after

My friend ponders the folly of staying up all night on a sticky note.

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Conference Call Tribal Head & Shoulders

Worked on this while on a conference call today. Probably inspired by my upcoming reunion with my Africa-traveling friend at this weekend’s 2008 YAB Conference.

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Torn Head

Tore this one out of the notepad a little too hastily and lost the top off this fellow I knew in the last century who was the topic of some hot news flashes this week.

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Taking the Eyes Off

  After a long week of working at the screen day and night, I just want to take the eyes off.

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My little pony

it’s a cyclical beast…lots going on these days on multiple fronts and now I find I’m back to some basic pencil drawings. feels good. gave this to my daughter this morning and she said that it wasn’t that ‘cute’.

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Singing Neighbor

click for big

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Request-a-doodle: baby bubble

click for big chris said… Today was Jake’s first swim lesson. So there we are swimming in the pool together and I notice A LOT of bubbles coming up from the water…And Jake has a BIG smile on his face. … Continue reading

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