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Party Gossip

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Third Wheel

More from my recent drawing time. These are all from one page that overalltogether don’t do it for me. So I’m just grabbing the creatures that do.

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Giraffe Loves Elephant

Had some free time forced on me this week so tried to get back into the drawing zone.

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The Boy Does Kandinsky: The Bird

The boy brought this one home from school last week. The assignment was to channel your inner Wassily Kandinsky. I place this one somewhere between Kandinsky’s looser Blue Rider period and the tightened up Bauhaus works. This one is bound … Continue reading

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Last summer: Dude & dog

On a cold winter night, a snapshot from an evening last summer.

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Sit Up Straight

click for big The right book and the wrong posture can leave you a bit striped.

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Not Paying Attention

click for big Waves were coming fast and furious several days last week. Was often caught looking the wrong way.

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Beach Chair Hell

For a few years now we’ve had these beach chairs with high backs that allow me to fall asleep in the chair while reading the book without my head falling over. The Mrs. picked up a couple of new chairs … Continue reading

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