Saranac Smoker

One for my brother who lives down the lane using the old upstate NY standby-but-still-good Saranac Pale Ale.

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Dinosaur & Dust Bunny

This one is up for grabs. If you have a tiny address I’ll mail it to you. Email me your postal address to bunny at mc glinch c om.

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Harpoon Scotty

Another 6-pack postcard for old buddy, Scotty. He gets the Harpoon IPA because of the years he lived in Boston and I believe that’s where I first tasted Harpoon on the Cambridge campus.

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Vacation Beer PostCards

While on vacation last week in the beautiful Adirondacks, we had some nice rainy days to kill. So I got back to drawing some 6-pack beer postcards for friends and family.

This dragon goes out to the Duke Family. It was on the back of a Lake Placid Ubu Ale six-pack panel. The beer itself was tasty and especially hit the spot with a lake breeze blowing and air temps in the high 70s.

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Party Gossip

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Third Wheel

More from my recent drawing time. These are all from one page that overalltogether don’t do it for me. So I’m just grabbing the creatures that do.

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Giraffe Loves Elephant

Had some free time forced on me this week so tried to get back into the drawing zone.

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American Gothic, Stink Bug Edition

With the late winter warm-up, the stink bug armies are starting to show themselves again in Chester County, PA and other areas. My son came in yelling at me to start caulking every nook and cranny of the house this evening. I asked him, “Why can’t we all just get a long?”

I had been toying with this idea in my head yesterday and figured while I was waiting for a server to restart I’d throw this together. It’s sort of an homage to my grandmother and her collection of American Gothic Parodies that I keep together on a separate site.

The stink bug model was borrowed from Professor Marlin Rice’s article here.

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Chip n’ Dog

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Portrait of a scrubbing bubble

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