Airliner Finger Painting

Drew Finger-painted this on a recent flight home using the Brushes app. Got a stylus for Christmas that the daughter and I have been enjoying. So maybe a little practice (and some free time) and I’ll post some more.

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West Chester Story Slam: The Year in Review

Yesterday I delivered my final poster for the West Chester Story Slam for 2010. The Grand Slam is next week, November 9 at 8PM at Ryan’s Pub. It’s been a fun year working with Jim Breslin on this and having monthly creative assignments and being paid in pints.  Here’s the final poster in living color!

A new artist-in-residence will take over in 2011 and I’m hoping to push myself for monthly deliveries of something else yet-to-be-determined creative in 2011.

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Dog Actin’ Cat

Sometimes I think the dog thinks if she poses like the cat, the cat will get blamed for the pile on the floor.

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Punch Drunk on Black Mold

One of my favorite parts of this year has been the near-monthly delivery of a tune from Jonathan Visger, the man behind Absofacto. Absofacto is his solo effort in and around when he isn’t working full on with his regular band, Mason Proper.

Visger lets you download each tune he puts out and leaves it up to you as to what you’ll pay (or if you pay anything at all). I don’t know how it’s working out for him but he keeps producing tunes like he’s having a good time. He tells the story behind the production of each song and confesses to how much or how little he works on a them.

What I enjoy about his songs are that they vary in style from month to month and usually include great harmonizing backing vocals by he, himself, and him. I just can’t seem to stop playing them. I often go back and listen on repeat to pick up the nuances of his multi-multi-multi track layering.

This month’s song released today is “Punch Drunk On Black Mold” which had me hooked from the opening insectile buzz and the opening verse:

I am sitting in the back with a jar of fire ants
picking my teeth with a razor blade
I know you’ll be back any day

You can listen to the entire song and download it here. The imagery in it got me drawing this evening and came up with this.

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Dog Does What A Dog Does

Background photo is More Grass (Chris Court) / CC BY-SA 2.0

I drew this dog as part of this poster for September’s West Chester Story Slam. Figured I’d, you know, multi-purpose-multi-task.

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Bird Monster Says Goodbye

Started on this earlier in the week, got waylaid and delayed and worked in bits and pieces throughout the week late at night when I had the chance.

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This Is Not The Jesus Shakespeare You’re Looking For

Pulled out my little blue book again today while I was awaiting some updates from the Left Coast and was going to try to draw a quick something. I flipped through the pages and found this one (on the right) which I did back in April but guess I never posted it. On the opposite page* is the inspiration for the drawing: Jess’ back alley find in March.

Well, this has certainly turned into “Inspiration Week”. Thanks, Kristen and Jess, for feeding the fire while my flame done gone out for a while.

I’ll aim for current things next week.

*Photo ripped and p’shopped from superbadfriend: “A chance meeting with Jesus/Shakespeare? In my alley?
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Daughter: Mesopotamian Bookmark

This is the bookmark my daughter made for me this evening as she was reading about The Epic of Gilgamesh. It’s a Mesopotamian poem found written on tablets and is considered one of the earliest forms of literature found in the world.

I haven’t read it but this is her depiction of the creatures that inhabit the underworld as described in the poem. At one point Enkidu, Gilgamesh’s friend, has a nightmare about paying [a price] for helping slay a bull:

The heavens roared, and earth rumbled back an answer; between them stood I before an awful being, the somber-faced man-bird; he had directed on me his purpose. His was a vampire face, his foot was a lion’s foot, his hand was an eagle’s talon. he fell on me and his claws were in my hair, he held me fast and I smothered; then he transformed me so that my arms became wings covered with feathers….

He goes on to describe the people that inhabit the underworld:

There is the house whose people sit in darkness; dust is their food and clay their meat. They are clothed like birds with wings for covering, they see no light, they sit in darkness.

It’s the second day of the new school year and have high hopes that I at least get more cool bookmarks out of her World Literature class.

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Baby Bird Splat

broken egg mess on the sidewalk
I have the unfortunate knack, occasionally, to witness things I’d rather not witness. The worst of which was a few years ago in Texas and I’m still trying to forget it and don’t tell the story at all to anyone.

Another event happened one morning when I left my South Philly apartment for class in the mid 1980s. A neighbor down the street was on the second story roof of his row home threatening to do harm to himself with a large carving knife. The police and firemen below mulled around on the street. His mother pleaded with him.

As I made my way to the intersection he decided to wrap the coaxial TV cable around his neck and jump from the roof. All that happened to him was he fell into a tree below and the cable pulled away from the house. I still wonder if he really thought that he was doing himself in or just wanted to make it look like he was trying.

My most recent thing-I’d-rather-not-see happened the other day as I was pruning branches on the bush in front of the house where caterpillars were making a nest. I clipped the dying branch and pulled it away and saw something drop and heard it go smack on the sidewalk.

I looked down and saw the remains of a bird’s egg with the partially formed bird creature splatted on the slate. I grimaced.  I hadn’t seen the good nest holding a single egg inside above the offending caterpillar nest.

I’m extremely weak-kneed when it comes to killing creatures (mice) and especially when it’s baby-to-be-bird or other young creature. This was especially painful coming two months after 2-week effort to document a different nest in the back of our house earlier in the summer:

Purple Finch Babies from mcglinch on Vimeo.

I grabbed a broom and quickly swept the mess into the ground cover below the bush. I’lll keep watching this video to try to sweep the memory of the baby bird splat away.

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Down to the basement

Descending into the basement

It’s been a real long time since I’ve been doing much in the way of drawing, doodling, sketching or anything else. So I thought I’d pull this unfinished piece out of the basement.

I started painting it on the back of a six pack cardboard panel after I was done working on my skateboard project in March of this year.r That project re-ignited my acrylic painting enjoyment after years (decade+?) of dormancy. I wanted to keep the brush moving and worked on this for several nights before Spring kicked in and the outdoor labors called.

At the time, my friend-in-the-ether, Kristen had been writing a lot of posts about venturing into basements and the things you find there. I enjoy the imagery she paints with her words of a late 1970s kid with a wild imagination venturing into places that she knows she shouldn’t go.

So with that in mind, I started painting out this scene of a pre-tween making her way into a darkened basement using a lightning bug as her guide-light. Thinking of the terror of that light blinking out every few seconds, wondering what’s going to be there in front of you when that light blinks back on.

For now, since I needed to clean up the craft room in anticipation of the major last party of the summer before school, this remains unfinished — need to add more color depth, fix those eyes, darken that door. I think once the weather cools I’ll get back to finishing it.

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