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Get Well Soon 6 Pack Postcard

Quickly drew this when a twitter friend and Victory Brewing co-working booth-sharer announced his pneumonia diagnosis. I’m assuming you can still drink beer when you have pneumonia, right? Sent it off yesterday after taking the hold off my mail. Our … Continue reading

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This Hacking Cough

I really think I better start circulating among the hoi poloi on a regular basis and start rebuilding my antibodies. I’ve been catching more sicknesses this year working from home all alone. Hoi Poloi – Utopia

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Spent Thanksgiving on my mother-in-law’s couch watching The Godfather and pieces of bad NFL games with the worst cold I’ve had in recent memory while the rest of my family were out feasting at an uncle’s house. This was all … Continue reading

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Swirly Coldness

a little swirly coldness for you today.

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