This Is Not The Jesus Shakespeare You’re Looking For

Pulled out my little blue book again today while I was awaiting some updates from the Left Coast and was going to try to draw a quick something. I flipped through the pages and found this one (on the right) which I did back in April but guess I never posted it. On the opposite page* is the inspiration for the drawing: Jess’ back alley find in March.

Well, this has certainly turned into “Inspiration Week”. Thanks, Kristen and Jess, for feeding the fire while my flame done gone out for a while.

I’ll aim for current things next week.

*Photo ripped and p’shopped from superbadfriend: “A chance meeting with Jesus/Shakespeare? In my alley?
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One Response to This Is Not The Jesus Shakespeare You’re Looking For

  1. HA HA, fantastic!
    Poor Jesus Shakespeare, I wonder what ever happened to him?

    Thank you McGlinch for your very kind words. I am glad you are getting over your creative lull. I hate when that happens. You’ve brought me out of mine a few times over the years. So thank you for that! 🙂

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