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Office Troll Dude

Tonight I was just about to shut things down at the office and head over to Victory to pick up a growler of their new Baltic Thunder Porter when the office troll popped up behind my desk and started gnawing … Continue reading

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Tasty Hot Chili

The Mrs asked me before Christmas to come up with some drawings depicting ‘enjoyment of food’. This was a quick marker sketch that I vectored in Illustrator then brought back int Photoshop tonight to color it in for the blog. … Continue reading

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Cross My Path

Driving home through the woods recently in the dark, this mangled product of alien in-breeding stumbled across the road in front of me. I can’t stand when creatures stumble out of the woods at the periphery of my headlight wash … Continue reading

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Meet My Monkey

Meet my coffee monkey. Until I returned to work from a 9 month hiatus 2 years ago (oh, sweet hiatus, I miss you so), I kept coffee to after-dinner/lunch time to go with special treats (cake, cookies, pie, ice cream, … Continue reading

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No Control

We were able to make it out to a cookie and beer exchange party this weekend. My cookie intake far outpaced my beer intake. However, I was happy to be introduced to a new area brew (new to me — … Continue reading

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Six-Fingered Office Rat

I was working on this watercolor depicting the various dooways and light that lead from my dreary dark and windowless office yesterday when the six-fingered company rat passed by, stopped, gave me his usual ‘peace sign’ greeting, and then kept … Continue reading

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Gorilla in the mist

This foggy scene caught my eye this morning in the parking lot where I get my coffee. A short-school-bus driver was relaxing reading a book and having a smoke leaning against her bus. Then the local gorilla-giant tried one of … Continue reading

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Drew this while watching Surivor:China. Some survivors had to eat balut. The balut look much more fetal than this creature and my son made a point of telling me that if I was trying to draw the balut that I … Continue reading

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Toothy Bird Creature

Had a dentist appointment yesterday and am still “conscious” of my teeth.

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McSquidly McBurger McSeaCreature

Wishing I had time to do backgrounds and environments for creatures like this thingie.

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