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Stitched smiley conference call guy

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Dishwasher Doodle

Drew this on the front of my mother’s dishwasher just before appliance guys were coming to replace it.

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Jellyfish Tar Blob Creature

Another vacation doodle leftover। Some tar blobby jelly fish creature. [Vectorized in Illustrator and now available on a shirt – any style] Watchful Jellyfish Blob Creature by mcglinchView more Jellyfish T-Shirts

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for the ogre

Did this quickly today while taking a break from writing requirements. Another version of the Ogre for

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More bad Spock

I have a problem. I am so far gone on the crack that Bad Spock is that I find myself running to the bathroom to get a hold of the stash of sticky notes that I hid under the toilet … Continue reading

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Request-a-doodle: Sir Grabalot

For the man from the land down under and his story-writing cronies.

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True Horror Stories

We were at a dinner part this past weekend with friends. The weather was May perfect sunshine, light breezes and nice chill in the air. We pulled out their chiminea and got a fire stoked. At one point the conversation … Continue reading

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Undergotchie Guy

Had several phone conversations today that helped this fellow run along throughout the day.

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Whole lotta nothing today

No time for doodling today and was at school jazz band concert with the West Chester University Criterions Jazz Ensemble. Nice tunes. So here’s a leftover from the last job…

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Request-a-doodle: Moose Wrappings

Another request-a-doodle fulfilled…I think. Enjoy, Bear-dude.

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