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Cat on a Half Pipe

Skateboarding cat on a half pipe sticky note.

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Sticky Note Butt Monster

I think I put the face on the wrong end of this space monster. Did this quickly at lunch today for the dude over at Sticky Note Theater.

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Jawless Drooler

  Gearing up for the Halloween stretch now. This was the first thing that popped into my head on the sticky note pad. [the piX in the background was an eBay HR thing (people interexchange? (not as lame as RASCI … Continue reading

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There’s got to be a morning after

My friend ponders the folly of staying up all night on a sticky note.

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The good news is…

The good news is my brother is in town from Texas to hit the college hoops circuit in the Northeast.The good news is my brother has returned to enjoying beers again.The good news is I’ve spent a bit of time … Continue reading

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Dracula Outside the Mausoleum

Tiny sticky-note style Dracula outside the mausoleum after a night out on the town.

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PostIt Pattern

Fresh from Victory Brewing Company‘s Fall Fest — doodled this sticky note yesterday and ‘patterned’ it tonight. Phils lost but Victory won. Good times. Good beer. Good food. Good friends.

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Little Red and what is that thing?

Wanted to do a proper illustration or, at least, a drawing of this but quickly sketched it out on a sticky note. Been way too busy with ‘work’ day & night. I “saw” this when I was staring at patterns … Continue reading

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Request-a-doodle: Camp Poo

click for big Smelly Felly said… I was at sleepaway camp one year. The camp had cabin inspections where we needed to tidy up. Right before one of the inspections, and as the inspectors were approaching, a kid dropped his … Continue reading

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Check your oxters, lads!

click to enlarge. Make sure to remove any debris from your oxters, lad. Show of hands for those familiar with the term ‘oxters’… my Irish-raised father always referred to the arm pit as oxters. Growing up I always thought that … Continue reading

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