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Archives: Self-Portrait (1981)

Another scrap from the high school journals. Self-portrait of 17-year-old me ca. 1981.

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Archives: Storm Cloud (1982)

January 1982. I think this accurately portrays my mood for that month as I was grounded for the entire month. As I’m sure you’ll recall, there were five weekends in that January — pretty bad.

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Archives: Desert Commander (1981)

Was I really thinking of Saddam Hussein in the summer of 1981?[note: I’ve obscured some of the phone number to protect the innocent person who now has that phone number.]

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Archives: Teacher’s Pencil Holder Still Life (1982)

Another one from the high school public speaking class journal at Henderson High School. This was the teacher’s pencil holder. Her name was Joan Robinson-Metz. I’m pretty sure it was wrapped in a carpet material or something similar.

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Archives: For All The Stars In Heaven (1982)

Kristen got me thinking about diaries or ‘journals’ as we of journalistic integrity would call them. I did a quick basement dig through the bin of high school stuff. It contains all the important stuff that I knew would be … Continue reading

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Archive: English 115 Doodles

From 1987 and one of my favorite classes at Temple taught by Steve Zelnick where we read Gulliver’s Travels, Joseph Andrews, Pride & Prejudice, lots of poems, Jane Eyre, and Hard Times. In addition to the pulleys, surfer, tornado, skull, … Continue reading

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Archives: Reaching For The Pit

From the late 1980s, I think this was a rough concept when friends were working on building a surf/skate wear company . Or just more of my fascination with arm pits .

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Request-a-doodle: Leech on my leg

click image for larger view Anonymous said…Rafting on the Brandywine, finding a leech attached to my leg. Leech stories always bring me back to the days when we hosted the 4th of Jamly picnics on the Schuylkill River back in … Continue reading

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