35 Year Flashback: Drawing a Friend Drawing

Today, the Mrs. showed me a big plastic bin labeled “Sean’s Stuff” and said “do something with this.” I reached in and grabbed a sketchbook which I started the summer after high school and continued with through my one year at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. One of the first sketches was a badly-proportioned rendering of my friend, Dana, sketching on his drafting board at his bed. The Police (Spirits in the Material World) and jazz fusion (I had no idea what that was) were on regular rotation in that apartment.

A group of us used to hang out there regularly from pretty much the beginning of our school year late in September 1982 at 21st & Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia. It was where the Mrs. first caught my eye.


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Stitched smiley conference call guy


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Thank You Cat Postcard

Another thank you postcard, this one for one of my old coworkers from way back when.

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Conference Call Baby Bird


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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: Thank You 6-Pack Post Cards

Back in April, my family and I walked through West Chester, PA, with friends of ours to raise money and awareness in West Chester  University’s American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness Walk. Just a month before, in March we had suffered the loss of our 14-year-old friend of the family, Alec Metzger.

In order to try and do any small thing to help the family and to help prevent others from suffering the same crippling sadness and loss, we joined in the walk and effort to raise money. As part of my push to raise funds I offered hand-drawn thank you beer postcards for anyone donating any amount.

Thanks to the generosity of friends, I raised $470 and have ten postcards to create. Here’s the first one.

All postcards are created on the back of panels from six-pack containers for beer.

If you’d like to help the cause by funding awareness and education to help bring light to and remove the shame that comes when a suicide occurs AND get a postcard in return — it’s not too late to donate! Donate here on the fundraising page and I’ll get in touch to get your postal address for a postcard.

As I complete the postcards, I’ll continue to post them. Since I’ve been out of the drawing practice for a while now, I’m hoping they improve with time.

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Valentine’s Day Dryer Lint Bunny

Received this from the Mrs. on Valentine’s Day this year. She hand-crafted it using dryer lint and trusty old Elmer’s glue. It’s a keeper (and so is she)!

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Sad State of Affairs

When there’s nothing much drawn in months, we must live with a sketchy doodled alien faced thing.

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Dog Unhurt in Toy Car Accident

Will send this six-pack beer postcard out this week

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Lagunitas Mountain Goat

And one for my sister out near the Bitterroots.

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Get Off My Lawn

Another vacation 6-pack beer postcard from the Adirondack trip heading out in tomorrow’s mail. From Breckenridge Brewery sample case that my brother-in-law brought. I just recently drank a bottle of the vanilla porter from that case and couldn’t finish. No flavorings in my coffee and no flavorings in my beer please.

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