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Sad State of Affairs

When there’s nothing much drawn in months, we must live with a sketchy doodled alien faced thing.

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Alien Creature Mess Around

Thanksgiving morning, relaxing, messing around with new version of Painter.

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Alien Flipper Creature

Spent one afternoon doodling and sketching while on vacation by a pond in Cape Cod. Imagined this guy coming up out of the plake (it’s called a pond but it’s like a lake — a word coined by the daughter).

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Coffee Stain Alien Flipper Boy

When I was growing up, there was a boy who showed up one day for football tryouts. He had big hollowed-out eyes the color of coffee stains and flippers for hands. He didn’t make the team and neither did I. … Continue reading

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Tasty Hot Chili

The Mrs asked me before Christmas to come up with some drawings depicting ‘enjoyment of food’. This was a quick marker sketch that I vectored in Illustrator then brought back int Photoshop tonight to color it in for the blog. … Continue reading

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Cross My Path

Driving home through the woods recently in the dark, this mangled product of alien in-breeding stumbled across the road in front of me. I can’t stand when creatures stumble out of the woods at the periphery of my headlight wash … Continue reading

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Request-a-doodle: Ignorance is bliss

Anonymous said…Is ignorance bliss? A picture of someone relaxing at home, unaware that an alien space creature is looking in his window. –BP McG One more day on the sick bed.

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