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Bird Monster Says Goodbye

Started on this earlier in the week, got waylaid and delayed and worked in bits and pieces throughout the week late at night when I had the chance.

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Alien Creature Mess Around

Thanksgiving morning, relaxing, messing around with new version of Painter.

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Jellyfish Tar Blob Creature

Another vacation doodle leftover। Some tar blobby jelly fish creature. [Vectorized in Illustrator and now available on a shirt – any style] Watchful Jellyfish Blob Creature by mcglinchView more Jellyfish T-Shirts

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Hoisting a Monster Claw

We were working out the best ways to lift the toe of some lake monster that one of the kids found while snorkeling around the pond last week.

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Alien Flipper Creature

Spent one afternoon doodling and sketching while on vacation by a pond in Cape Cod. Imagined this guy coming up out of the plake (it’s called a pond but it’s like a lake — a word coined by the daughter).

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Ghost Creature in the Moonlight

  Mostly the product of a phone call with a vendor today.

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Long Shnozzed Woodland Creature

  Quick sketch the other morning.

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Parrot Scissor Hands

Was scribbling this along last week and didn’t know what it was until someone said it looked like a parrot scissor hands kind of creature. The daughter just watched Edward Scissorhands for the first time and has renewed her love … Continue reading

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Meine Jacke

I took one or two semesters of German at Temple University while studying there in the 1980s. Unlike my French and Italian in high school, I recall very little of the language I’m sure I learned in college. One phrase … Continue reading

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Struble Trail Creature

We went for a walk on the Struble Trail above Downingtown the other day. The daughter had rushed ahead and encountered this ogre-like creature under the 30-bypass bridge. It wanted to have a poke at her but she dodged its … Continue reading

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