Dog Sheep Watcher

Click to see slightly bigger real-life version.

Drew the drawing part last night before bed waiting for a server reboot.

Add the morning newspaper textures and colors throughout the day today on breaks from heavy data lifting.

Oh, and for my readers, I’m under a deadline to migrate this all off Blogger’s FTP platform by, oh, I don’t know, Saturday? Otherwise bad things might happen. I very much doubt I’ll make that deadline so if it’s all gone after this weekend, I will try my darndest to piece it all back together. My understanding is that the worst case scenario is that I won’t be able to post until I migrate this to under Blogger or some other platform. Have been wanting to make the switch to WordPress for years now. Might go ahead and do it for real this time.

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5 Responses to Dog Sheep Watcher

  1. Kristen says:

    Great dog, sheep, color and textures.

    What's all this nonsense about switching over?? Crazy stuff.

  2. mcglinch says:

    thank you, K. it is crazy stuff this switching around ting (say that in a jamaican accent).

  3. AbelPetSupply says:

    I love this! Especially since I was just herding with my two Cardigan Welsh Corgis a couple of weeks ago in Birdsboro. Will you add this to Zazzle? I'd like a shirt!

    PS – follow ChesterCo_PA on Twitter (that's me…your WC Story Slam art referral).

  4. mcglinch says:

    thanks, APS Chesco_PA! If I get a chance, I'll add it on the zazzle and update you on the twitter when it's on the there.

    Some combination of your tweets must have triggered an auto-unfollow in my ATMIF (automated tweet monitoring index filter) some time ago. I'll dig through the data to see what the problem is.

  5. Kimmie says:

    I'll pay you in lettuce if you draw a doodle of me in an apron.

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