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West Chester Story Slam: The Year in Review

Yesterday I delivered my final poster for the West Chester Story Slam for 2010. The Grand Slam is next week, November 9 at 8PM at Ryan’s Pub. It’s been a fun year working with Jim Breslin on this and having … Continue reading

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Dog Actin’ Cat

Sometimes I think the dog thinks if she poses like the cat, the cat will get blamed for the pile on the floor.

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Punch Drunk on Black Mold

One of my favorite parts of this year has been the near-monthly delivery of a tune from Jonathan Visger, the man behind Absofacto. Absofacto is his solo effort in and around when he isn’t working full on with his regular band, … Continue reading

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Dog Does What A Dog Does

Background photo is More Grass (Chris Court) / CC BY-SA 2.0 I drew this dog as part of this poster for September’s West Chester Story Slam. Figured I’d, you know, multi-purpose-multi-task.

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Bird Monster Says Goodbye

Started on this earlier in the week, got waylaid and delayed and worked in bits and pieces throughout the week late at night when I had the chance.

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This Is Not The Jesus Shakespeare You’re Looking For

Pulled out my little blue book again today while I was awaiting some updates from the Left Coast and was going to try to draw a quick something. I flipped through the pages and found this one (on the right) … Continue reading

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Baby Bird Splat

I have the unfortunate knack, occasionally, to witness things I’d rather not witness. The worst of which was a few years ago in Texas and I’m still trying to forget it and don’t tell the story at all to anyone. … Continue reading

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Dog Sheep Watcher

Click to see slightly bigger real-life version. Drew the drawing part last night before bed waiting for a server reboot. Add the morning newspaper textures and colors throughout the day today on breaks from heavy data lifting. Oh, and for my … Continue reading

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Elephant on an envelope

2:30 in the a.m.testing stuff.awaiting site refresh.packing envelope.packin’ elephant.pack an elephant.pachyderm.

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Daughter Saves Father

Two years ago I was stuck in a rut of working on stuff and not getting much in the way of drawings and doodles done. My son brought home a pencil rooster (or rooster of pencils?) that knocked my socks off … Continue reading

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