Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One more Santa One more time

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Scary Stranger on Winter's Walk

Took this photo of a tree on a walk last week. Scary dude stuck his head in the frame just as I clicked.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Smoking Lady 6-pack postcard

About a month ago I sent a postcard out to Kristen because she wanted one. After that I read through her blog posts and found out she was trying to quit smoking and let her know she'd get another postcard after a straight month of smoke-free behavior.

This was the first drawing I did after that deal was brokered and wondered whether this would be better used as a reward or a scolding if she failed in her effort.

Yesterday was her 30-day mark and I was happy to see in her post today that she made it. So this one's to remind Kristen the battle is not over especially with onslaught of social smoking opportunities over the next 2 weeks. I'll get cranking on the 30-day reward!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Chalkboard Santa

Drew this on our bathroom wall for our wreath-making party this past weekend. The Mrs. and I have always loved the freedom that chalkboard paint offers. When I was taking years (no exaggeration) to remodel our bathroom in our old house that was old i used to draw on the plaster walls just to keep it entertaining and interesting, knowing one day that we'd paint or paper over them.  Of course, if I had spent the time drawing on remodeling, the bathroom might have gotten done a wee bit faster.

My friend Rich used to live in a house in W. Conshohocken with a bunch of dudes. Each time they had a party they let everyone draw on their walls with markers and crayons. They'd paint over it before the next party. That house was eventually torn down.

When we moved to this house we knew we wanted everyone to draw on our walls. So the Mrs., a master blackboard paint applier, did up our powder room for guests and family alike to scrawl graffiti, draw pictures, and leave messages.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

West Chester Story Slam: Embarrassing Moments

Jim Breslin, local Chester County writer and founder of the West Chester Story Slam contacted me through Twitter the other night asking if I'd be interested in helping put together a promo for the first public Story Slam event in January in West Chester. He wanted fliers/posters to put up around West Chester promoting the event.

Drawing and designing late in the night, I tried a couple of different sketches and settled on this guy. Though he's a little 'fangy' and Star Trek'y I think he does the job of showing a dude in the spotlight telling his tale.

Funny that the theme of the event is "Embarrassing Moments". After Jim posted the poster around the web, I went about writing this post and did a spit-take on it as I pondered my brother, the freelance financial copy writer's reaction to the piece. I noticed that I had misspelled "embarrassing" as "embarassing". A quick fix and the original is now a collector's item.

I'm really looking forward to the inaugural slam for 2010 -- from a watching perspective. Make sure to get to Ryan's Pub early enough for a bite to eat and to get a good seat. In the meantime, look out for Jim with a bag full of fliers and a brush with a bucket of paste.

[Diamond pattern background courtesy of bittbox's free textures. QRCode inspired by Tikaro and West Chester's Barcode Building.]

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dinosaur Bugged by Bugs

Another postcard drawing - this one on the back of a Victory Prima Pils 6-pack panel. Not sure who it's going to. If you want it, email me your address and I'll put it in the mail. Great for spicing up your cubicle.

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