Monday, January 14, 2008

Struble Trail Creature

We went for a walk on the Struble Trail above Downingtown the other day. The daughter had rushed ahead and encountered this ogre-like creature under the 30-bypass bridge. It wanted to have a poke at her but she dodged its thick pointer finger finger and ran ahead. We came up behind and the creature just kind of shrugged and resumed leaning against the underpass wall.

Now that would be a sensible reason for fencing off the Shyrock property at the northern end of the trail. If only it was that simple.

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Blogger Dr Zibbs said...

Local legend has it that when the Downingtown Farmers Market was put down, it's evil spirit was formed into a large monster called Marketzilla. It roams the Downingtown area in search of belt buckles, refurbuished "walkman type" audio devices and funnel cakes. It looks kind of like the creature in this picture.

1/23/2008 02:09:00 PM  

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