Thursday, January 31, 2008

Son Saves Father

The boy brought home some art projects tonight and saved me with this fine Rooster. The assignment was to create an animal using No. 2 pencils. I asked him why he chose a Rooster:
"Because we used to have a rooster and because I thought it would look good using pencils."

Over the years at their current school, we rarely see art projects until the end of the year and usually most disappear before they even get home. So when the kids do show up with something there is great celebration.

He saved me because I've been busy with a couple side projects and with my own 'dumminess.' (I spent last evening working on a drawing/painting thing that got a little too tricky and crashed the Corel Painter program...without me ever having saved at any point. I know I know I know...but when I get in the flow I sometimes put that stuff off...and then pay the price.)

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Hoots & Hellmouth

Spent an evening out this weekend with the mrs. and Susan Bankert of Barking Tree Pottery and her husband, Scott, at The Arts Scene in West Chester for the "Mugs, Microbrews, Music & Movies" event at the Down To Earth Exhibit featuring entertainment by local up-and-still-coming-strong movers and shakers Hoots & Hellmouth. Susan had some beer mugs and other pieces in the exhibit along with a bunch of other talented folks.

I took this cell phone shot of the band only to later to find that this turtle dude who had way too many Victory Hop Devil samplers got in my way. I overheard some people plotting to put him on his back if he didn't start behaving.

Despite the turtle dude, the show was a
barn-burner, foot-stomping revival. If you get a chance, grab the Hoots & Hellmouth cd and definitely catch them live.

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