Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The C Was Catapulted by The Boy

I received my walking papers yesterday by the job. Economic downturn, cuts, etc. Wasn't a complete surprise: pull out your exit strategy when the boss casually asks you whether and where the project you're working on is backed up.

So I did the cardboard box shuffle and quickly emptied my office and got away. While I was doing a couple miles on the elliptical after I got home I looked over and saw this charcoal piece the boy did a year or two ago in school. We've been meaning to hang it but haven't gotten to it.

I really love the dark drama of his lines and his sense of humor. I had a chuckle to myself thinking that "The McGlinch Was Catapulted".

I'll keep plugging away on drawings while I look for a bridge to rebuild.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Halo: attaboy

The boy created this cover in Photoshop for the book Halo: The Fall of Reach that he read for a book report in school.

At the best job I ever had (according to the kids...and me) we had a PS2 and an Xbox. It was there that my Halo addiction started. My son's first experience with gaming of any kind came during visits to that job.

His first visit when he was 7. He tried some car racing and, like his old man, could not fight the urge to turn the controller from side to side as if that would help negotiate the turns (we should have invented the Wii). He ended up falling off the stool he was sitting on in my buddy's cube when he crashed his car. We had great laughs at his expense.

My Halo addiction and affliction started there but faded over time after that job ended. The boy, however picked it up in earnest at home and now soundly melee's me into oblivion. He won't let me have a Scorpion tank on any battlefield because he knows that is my only saving grace.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Meet My Monkey

Meet my coffee monkey.

Until I returned to work from a 9 month hiatus 2 years ago (oh, sweet hiatus, I miss you so), I kept coffee to after-dinner/lunch time to go with special treats (cake, cookies, pie, ice cream, and on and on). Throughout all my years of working prior to that, mornings were for OJ and afternoons were for H2O.

My last job put an end to that. Coffee was a morning and afternoon ritual for 'our gang' that I fought hard against but eventually crumbled. Was the 'need to belong' or the 'need for a stimulant' to keep me awake. Whatever, they got me -- now it's me and my monkey... and the mrs. (she's always been a coffee fiend).

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Interview Twister

I haven't been on an interview in a year or so but years ago I swore off getting myself into interview twister -- getting all dressed up and then squirming into the right fit for a job I'd probably end up not enjoying. It's all so uncomfortable.

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