Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Bert's a Hobo

Bert toasts his hobo brothers with a fresh cup of canned heat.

Inspired by my friend, Dr. Sexton, who sent me a link today to wikiHow's How to Become a Hobo.

I'm getting the sense from some people that there's a sub-conscious yearning for Depression-era conditions in all this world-wide economic downward spiral. Perhaps there's a feeling that we could use some of the lessons our grandparents and great grandparents learned by forced Depression-era scrimping and saving -- that we've taken (and taught our children to take) for granted -- and as our 'birthright' -- a life of endless new stuff, comforts, and joys on credit.

Knowing Dr. Sexton, he's just looking for some new hard-times-inspired music to start spilling forth.

Background photo credit: Freight cars of narrow gauge railway, Telluride, Colorado 1940. Russell Lee

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Blogger John Young said...

In my case, I don't think it's all that subconscious. It's ridiculous, I know, to wish for economic hard times, but I'm definitely enjoying the gallows humor. Hmm, maybe we should have a hobo party and all sing "Big Rock Candy Mountain:"

"In the Big Rock Candy Mountains all the cops have wooden legs
And the bulldogs all have rubber teeth and the hens lay soft boiled eggs
The farmer's trees are full of fruit and the barns are full of hay
Oh, I'm bound to go where there ain't no snow
Where the rain don't fall and the wind don't blow
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains!"

10/09/2008 05:46:00 AM  
Blogger Anya said...

lol I love Bert's segmentation.

3/05/2010 01:33:00 AM  

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